Talent Q is part of Korn Ferry Hay Group, the preeminent global people and organisational firm.
We design and deliver innovative online psychometric assessments, training and consultancy, to help organisations make better, more informed decisions about their people.

We have an extensive portfolio of assessments which deliver valuable insight into the skills and behaviors, abilities and motivation of people at work. All our psychometric assessments are constructed with a commitment to scientific rigor, practicality, and flexibility.

Our Assessments can support you:

  • Screen high volumes of applicants in a fast, cost-effective and objective way.
  • Filter out unsuitable candidates early on and make more accurate hiring decisions.
  • Identify individuals’ strengths and development and easily review progress of development plans.
  • Strengthen your talent pipeline by identifying candidates with the highest potential easily and objectively.
  • Our customised  tests are based on realistic scenarios that candidates are likely to encounter in the job, and can be fully branded to consistently reflect your brand and tone of voice. Multimedia options can be added to make them even more engaging and immersive.

Details coming soon.

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