The SAP SuccessFactors Integration exchanges data seamlessly from SAP SuccessFactors into TalentLink. Integration allows you to automatically create and update positions into TalentLink from SAP SuccessFactors, including managing the organisation structure, populating the recruiting/operational team for positions so that you are ready to recruit and select candidates in TalentLink.

Key Features:

  • Organisation Structure Integration: Replicate and sync SAP SuccessFactors Organisations into Lumesse TalentLink using TalentLink Organisation Public Web Service.
  • Position Management Integration: Import newly created/updated approved position requisitions from SAP SuccessFactors into TalentLink, fully populating the TalentLink position fields required for recruiters to start the recruitment process. Achieved via TalentLink Position Public Web Service.
  • TalentLink User Integration: Automatically replicate and update TalentLink system user from SAP SuccessFactors. Achieved using TalentLink User and Position Public Web Service.
  • New Hires Export Integration: Seamlessly transfer/onboard the new hire from TalentLink into SAP SuccessFactors. Hire can be configured to be transferred based on “Hired” status or any other custom status in TalentLink.

The above integrations can be customised by the customer/service partner using TalentLink Public Web Services to connect with any SAP SuccessFactors version and configuration. Please visit Lumesse Developer portal for more information on the public web services.

Details coming soon.

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