Lumesse Video


Lumesse Video, improves recruitment efficiency and productivity by assessing candidates faster, with less need for unnecessary face-to-face interviews and a convenient candidate experience where candidates can record video responses anywhere, anytime and on any device. Uncover hidden talent by uncovering soft skills, personality type and cultural fit using video.

One-way video motivation and assessments via Lumesse Video


  • Fully integrated with Lumesse Recruit – no separate set up/ integration needed
  • Videos can be included as part of the initial application form, or subsequently during the selection process
  • Videos can be played back at anytime within Lumesse Recruit

Brand Ready

  • Customise using a range of branding features to ensure consistency across the process


  • Convenient and easy to use  – candidates can record and submit videos in just a few clicks
  • Seamless – No need for recruiters/ hiring managers to login to a separate system


  • Select which roles have video included in the recruitment workflow and where
  • Align questions using a number of different factors – role, location, seniority

Multi-device Optimised

  • Candidates can record videos directly from mobile device/ Integrated desktop/laptops web cams or upload from external sources


  • Candidates can record, re-record and upload in their own time


  • Videos can be watched by recruitment team members in their own time, and structured feedback given


  • Caters for all supported Lumesse Recruit languages

Details coming soon.

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