Lumesse Source

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Lumesse Source allows you identify top talent quickly through powerful cross-platform and multilingual search & matching capabilities. Enabling you to apply semantic search, web mining and job market analytics to any number of sources; quickly and easily navigating between internal, external and social CV databases.

Help your recruiters find better quality candidates, faster!

Lumesse Source is available as a module integrated into the talent acquisition software platform. In addition to profile searching, embedded CV parsing and indexation, Lumesse Source provides:

Efficient Listings – Search and list candidates from multiple platforms in a single action.

Intuitive UI – Review, sort and filter candidates using a simple, intuitive user interface.

Comparisons Made Easy – Automatically rank, measure, and compare the relevancy of each candidate within a single overview.

Sophisticated Indexing – Don’t lose track of talent due to semantics. Built-in synonyms and a job/skills taxonomy library empower you to source ideal talent, maintain this data, and tie in potential candidates for job matches.

Rapid Integration – Start sourcing the best talent immediately. Lumesse Source can be activated in hours and is instantly ready to use.

Accessible Everywhere/Fully Supported – The solution is cloud-based, so you can search whenever, wherever, and it is backed by 24/7 support.


Details coming soon.

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