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Lumesse Onboard elevates your company to the next level by increasing your employees’ productivity and maintaining their desire to work with your organisation. Integrate your employees with ease from day one, through contemporary and reliable onboarding solutions specifically designed to you and your new hires needs.

Maximise your Recruitment Investment

Lumesse Onboard is available as a module or as part of an integrated talent acquisition software platform or talent management suite. In addition to increased employee retention, reduced manual workflow, and rapid deployment, Lumesse Onboard enables you to:

Stay Compliant – Remain compliant throughout the pre-boarding and onboarding processes with Lumesse Onboard e-signature and form-builder tools.

Pre-board Proactively – With attrition high in the initial six months of hire, making an outstanding first impression is critical through onboarding programs that bridge the chasm between candidate and new hire

Manage and Distribute Documentation – Store, edit, profile and index a wide library of relevant new hire content, including rich media

Convey Your Culture – Use this content and easy organizational navigation to continuously engage, orientate and develop new hires

Optimise Performance Through Customization – Build a solution tailored to any job role, department or business

Measure Performance – Analyze and report on the efficiency of your onboarding channels in real time

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