Lumesse Insight


Lumesse Insight gives you the expertise to unlock the true value from your data.

Everyone has data, but how many of us are using it to our advantage? Lumesse Insight gives you the expertise to unlock the true value from your data. Our solution has been developed from years of experience in recruitment data analysis and with features such as real-time dashboards, tailored reports and interactive filtering, you have the ability to predict and make smarter decisions about your talent.

Lumesse Insight is available as a module or as part of an integrated talent acquisition software platform or talent management suite. In addition to taking advantage of your talent acquisition data, testing and refining recruitment processes and building relevant measurements, Lumesse Insight enables you to:

Test and refine your recruitment processes – Lumesse Insight guides you to continually improve your recruitment processes, efficiencies, service, and customer experience, and create accurate plans for the future.

Exploit flexible, collaborative reporting – Share customised recruitment metrics and dashboard analytics which help everyone to stay on track via portal prompts that lead to at-a-glance dashboards, key findings, and next actions.

Build relevant measurements – Demystify the big data in your organisation and make it transparent and actionable so you can hire and retain the best talent.

Understand what’s going on – Your formal and informal data analysts can drill down into the underlying data to understand root causes of performance issues.

Details coming soon.

Details coming soon.

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