Lumesse Engage

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Lumesse Engage let you build career sites and application processes that engage passive candidates and reduce drop-off rates

Lumesse Engage allows to minimise high talent drop-off by saying ‘no’ to multi-page, complex applications. Deliver a winning candidate experience that is simple, intuitive and memorable with empathetic content and a responsive, one-page application process.

Lumesse Engage is available as a module or as part of an integrated talent acquisition software platform or talent management suite. In addition to brand revitalisation, talent development and the encouragement of top talent, Lumesse Engage also enables you to:

Optimise your content – improve your search engine ranking and revitalise your employer brand for maximum candidate engagement, including passive candidates

Choose best service fit – smart responsive components or a full CMS deployment

Improve the quality of applicants – through easily configurable applications that filter out unsuitable candidates

Provide optimised mobile candidate experiences – responsive design that provides consistency across all mobile devices

Make informed decisions – leverage real-time analytics and reporting toward engaging and hiring the best talent

Details coming soon.

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