Lumesse Distribute


Lumesse Distribute allows recruiters extend the reach and enhance the quality of your job posts, by providing insight into an extended network of job boards and social media channels. It allows users to quickly and simply assess which networks are most effective, using a range of variables, ultimately leading to better quality candidates matched to the roles.

Maximising the reach of your jobs with intelligent cross-platform distribution

Lumesse Distribute is available as a module or as part of an integrated talent acquisition software platform or talent management suite. In addition to reducing time to hire (TTH) and integration with the world’s largest search engines and job distribution sites, Lumesse Distribute also enables you to:

Constantly grow – New job distribution channels are added every month

Deploy rapidly – Lumesse Distribute recruitment software can be activated and ready for use in just hours.

Track key talent acquisition metrics – Identify and share which job distribution channels are delivering the best or worst results via real-time analytics and reporting.

Distribute jobs globally – We invite you to embrace our access to 8,000 channels, across 180 countries and in 43 languages.

Accessible Everywhere/Fully Supported – The solution is cloud-based, so you can search whenever, wherever, and it is backed by 24/7 support.

Details coming soon.

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