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Lumesse Check allows to uncover the truth about candidates and make better hiring decisions using our 360-degree reference-based assessment tool, Lumesse Check. The simple and intuitive comparison dashboard makes comparing candidates quick and easy, reducing time and cost, and increasing hiring quality in the process. Access multiple references per candidate for a 360-degree view – find out exactly what former employers, colleagues, and customers have to say about each candidate.

Fully vet your candidates with online reference checking

Lumesse Check is available as a module or as part of an integrated talent acquisition software platform or talent management suite. In addition to 360-degree reviews, candidate benchmarking and reducing time to hire (TTH), Lumesse Check also provides:

Gain Greater Insight –
Use multiple data points and obtain 360-degree references to make more informed hiring decisions.
Gain certainty by accessing other peoples’ knowledge and insights, and balance qualitative references with quantitative information.

Get The Most Out Of Your Data –
Benchmark candidates applying for the same job by using set questions, and making candidate comparisons more effective, avoiding bias and personal interpretations.

Save Time And Money –
Reduce the time, stress and cost to hire by improving the overall reference process and increasing hiring quality at the same time.

Optimise HR –
Make reference interviews more efficient and individual. Empower collaboration by sharing references among your team.

Details coming soon.

Details coming soon.

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