LaunchPad’s recruitment technology platform brings together best of breed assessments, the latest in video interviewing technology, automation, reviewer insights, and predictive analytics to optimize your hiring process – allowing you to create a seamless candidate experience, improve the reliability of your hiring decisions and hire the best candidates, faster, all from one platform. Creating a simple and immersive recruitment experience for both users and candidates alike.

LaunchPad RECRUIT™ allows organizations to develop custom branded video interviews, distribute them to large applicant pools, and review candidates with pre-defined scoring rubrics. Video assessments are six times faster than telephone interviews and help recruiters judge communication skills, cultural fit, strengths, and motivation with unparalleled confidence.

Combining LaunchPad’s suite of screening, testing and video assessment tools with LaunchPad VERIFY™ gives your business the power to track process performance and decision-making behavior. By using data to identify inconsistency and areas for improvement, VERIFY™ delivers the insights you need to optimise your hiring decisions.


  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Improve your quality of hire
  • Create an amazing candidate experience
  • Improved hiring decisions

Details coming soon.

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