ETWeb Empower


Employee engagement is crucial for achieving organizational objectives. Driven, engaged employees represent the professional talent your organization will need to overcome future challenges. Embrace and develop the talent you’ve invested in, listen to their ideas, and encourage them. Lumesse ETWeb provides the employee self-service system and self-developing organizational functions you need to nurture your people for success.

ETWeb Empower is provided by Lumesse. You can find out more about us here.

ETWeb empower as an end-to-end integrated, people-centric Talent Management suite which empowers employees to contribute to their company‘s success by putting them at the heart of the business.

New concepts such as Fluent Performance and the Career Navigator bring transparency and productivity to employees. Lumesse ETWeb empower equips employees to reach their (career and business) goals in their everyday work.


  • Instant feedback, faster execution to drive organizational performance & agile modern learning
  • Engaged hires become engaged employees: faster, productive, higher retention & lower cost
  • Empowered employees driving their own careers
  • Collaborative & open innovation management to solve business challenges with the most experienced people: your employees
  • Pre-configured best practice processes
  • State of the art user experience
  • Customers can do most of the configuration their own
  • All modules are on a single code line
  • Development and hosting in Europe

Built by Lumesse, the packaged integration  exchanges data seamlessly from TalentLink into ETWeb Empower.

Lumesse integration platform manages the flow of data between the systems using a combination of TalentLink and ETWeb Empower public web services with predefined field mappings. As the integration is built by Lumesse, this packaged integration is fully supported end to end keeping the connection and data integrity intact and future-proof.

Key Features:

  • Export of new hires from TalentLink into ETWeb empower for a specific ETWeb empower position or hire is transferred seamlessly.
  • Hires export supports new hires and re-hires.
  • Personal identification data (e.g passport, visa, SSN, identification card number, NI number etc.) and attachments (CV, offer letters etc) are transferred.
  • Full audit history of events and batches transferring the hires are accessible by customer integration administrator through the integration platform interface.

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