EasyRecrue offers one of the leading live and pre-recorded video interview solutions in Europe, EasyRecrue develops and markets innovative software-as-a-service recruitment tools. Founded in 2013, EasyRecrue has now more than 350 clients (Valeo, Société Générale, Accor Hotels) in 5 European countries.

EasyRecrue`s pre-screening solution lets our clients standardize the applicant pre-screening and application assessment processes and hire the very best applicants using our innovative digital process:

  • Identify the best profiles using video interviews and improve the quality of your recruitment


  • Optimise and organize the time allocated to applicant pre-screening: save 50% of pre-screening stage and €500 per recruitment


  • Improve the employer brand: 81 % of applicants view companies that use this type of recruitment method as being innovative.


  • Give your applicants a unique experience and let them express themselves beyond their CV


Details coming soon.

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