Blue Umbrella


Blue Umbrella is a leading provider of cutting-edge third-party compliance and employment screening technologies.  Combining research excellence with disruptive RegTech SaaS solutions, Blue Umbrella serves Fortune 500 companies, top-tier investment banks, insurance companies, law firms, and governments. With a global presence and a local focus, Blue Umbrella allows clients to increase the automation and efficiency of their internal processes while intimately understanding the backgrounds of their clients, third parties, and employees.

  • User Friendly – Why aggravate your candidates and staff by subjecting them to poorly designed systems? Levels is easily accessible, minimally invasive and includes lots of tips and assistance.
  • Great Functionality – From SMS alerts to workflows dedicated to preventing data privacy failures, our platform does things you didn’t even know screening platforms could do.
  • Integration – Levels integrates directly with Oracle’s Talent Management Cloud to initiate background checks in one simple step. Learn more by viewing our listing on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.
  • Multilingual – Your program is global, your platform should be too. Our platform allows candidates to interact with it in more than a dozen different languages.
  • Transparency – No secrets allowed. You can follow the progress of each of your cases in real time. Control freaks allowed.

Details coming soon.

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