Assessio is the leading publisher of psychometric tests in the Nordic region and a consulting organization with a focus on Human Capital Management. The company has a long history of developing research-based tools for se­lection and development of personnel.

The business was started in 1954 by the Swedish Psychological Society and has since then evolved into an international test publishing house and mo­dern HR consultancy organization with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The tests of Assessio are available in over 30 countries around the world.

  • MAP: a comprehensive and multi-application Big Five Personality test, for both selection and development of personnel, available in 12 languages
  • Matrigma: a robust and efficient General Mental Ability (GMA) test for selection. Ideal as a screening tool, relevant for any position and role, and flexible of use thanks to its availability in 28 languages.
  • Mint: a smooth and efficient Integrity test that helps you prevent cases of Counter-Productive Work Behavior (CWB) in your organization, available in 15 languages
  • Service First: a user-friendly Service Orientation test to ensure your organization can deliver an excellent customer experience, available in 11 languages

Details coming soon.

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